Jane Lenoir Plays Penezzi
Released 2017
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This duo album of flute and 7-string guitar originals celebrates the music, brilliant artistry, virtuosity, and diversity of styles of the wonderful Brazilian guitarist and composer, Alessandro Penezzi of São Paulo, Brazil with flutist Jane Lenoir.

The music of Alessandro Penezzi combines the stunning and seductive characteristics of Brazilian music which have drawn me to it as a performer: Lyricism, elements of European classicism and form, elegance, romanticism and virtuosity grounded in groove driven Afro Brazilian beats. The Brazilian flute repertoire is massive, and the flute was the first wind instrument to be featured in choro ensembles, with guitar and cavaquinho, in the late 19th century by the flutist and professor, Joaquim Antonio da Silva Callado from Rio. The variety of Brazilian popular music forms represented in Penezzi’s music, including choro, choro maxixe, waltz, chamamé and more highlights the many Brazilian styles of popular music.


“Confluencia” by Sexteto Matiz 2014
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“fluid” 2003
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Demo CD Including live program at Anna’s Jazz Island, Berkeley, 2010, with Calvin Keys, guitar, Lorca Hart, drums, Carlos Oliveira, guitar, Ami Molinelli-Hart, percussion, Annie Lenoir, clarinet,  and more
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